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I would be remiss if I didn’t do a Music Mix Monday today in honor of fallen Beastie Boy, Adam Yauch (aka MCA).  The first time I heard the Beastie Boys was on the school bus and the song was Girls.  Even at 14 I was a bit defensive when I heard the lyrics, but I couldn’t help loving the music.  Damn them!

Like many people my age have expressed over the last three days, the Beastie Boys came in and out of my life from my young teenage years throughout adulthood.  As they grew and matured so did those of us that grew up with them, but they never failed to entertain the hell out of us.  Nobody brought it like them…there’s nothing they couldn’t do.

A couple of weeks ago I did karaoke for the first time in my life…something that the mere thought of has terrified me for years.  I did my favorite Beastie Boys song – Paul Revere.  Thanks to a couple of great friends and the Beastie Boys I conquered my fear.  It seems even more fitting now that I chose that song…so glad I did it.

Rest in Peace Adam and thanks for sharing your talent and passion with us.  I hope I have the guts to do the same someday.

  1. Girls
  2. Paul Revere
  3. Shadrach
  4. Rhymin’ and Stealin’
  5. Sabotage
  6. An Open Letter to NYC
  7. Hey Ladies
  8. Sure Shot
  9. Make Some Noise
  10. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
  11. So What’cha Want
  12. High Plains Drifter
  13. Intergalactic
  14. Skills to Pay the Bills
  15. Fight For Your Right

Too much music to keep up with!  I’m hearing new, interesting songs every day…and so many awesome albums on the way in the next few weeks.  I can’t freakin’ wait for the new Silversun Pickups (May 8th)!!

Hi, I’m Jenn and I’m addicted to music.


  1. Danny, Dakota, & the Wishing Well – A Silent Film
  2. You’re Early – 2:54
  3. Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings) – Silversun Pickups
  4. Take Me Out to the Coast – Waters
  5. How Long Have You Known – Dive
  6. The Rabbit, the Bat & the Reindeer – Dr. Dog
  7. Softly – The Memories
  8. Blood for Poppies – Garbage
  9. Spread Too Thin – The Dirty Heads
  10. Boys and Girls – Alabama Shakes
  11. Primitive Girl – M. Ward
  12. Hey Jane – Spiritualized
  13. Sixteen Saltines – Jack White
  14. Strangers – Lotus Plaza
  15. The Only Place – Best Coast

Carry On

Punch, scream, kick, run… whatever it takes to let “it” out

(Noise…it’s all becoming white noise in my head)

Escape for an evening into something entertaining

(Back and forth… enough with the over-examination)

Sing, dance, hop, skip, swing…play it away

(Five years from now will “it” really matter?)

Write, read, create; share stories and sunshine

(Breathe…screw ‘em if they mock Zen moments)

Where you go from here is up to you

Don’t save your faith for fear

Music = Magic

Music is my Muse

Music pulses through my veins

Just another Monday, mainlining music…


  1. PleaseBeMyThirdEye – La Sera
  2. Exploded View – Alyssa Graham
  3. Abraham’s Daughter – Arcade Fire
  4. Halfway To Heaven – POP ETC
  5. Default – Django Django
  6. Keep You – Wild Belle
  7. Gun Has No Trigger – Dirty Projectors
  8. It’s Time – Imagine Dragons
  9. Kill For Love – Chromatics
  10. Myth – Beach House
  11. Ashes in the Air – The Flaming Lips/Bon Iver
  12. The Rifle’s Spiral – The Shins
  13. Betty Wang – Hospitality
  14. Searching Through The Past – Bleached
  15. Crush – Sleigh Bells

Finding tons of cool tunes coming out this spring…music is def in the air!

  1. Seven Stars – Air
  2. 5 Years Time – Noah & the Whale
  3. Know Me (Le Chev Remix) – Frankie Rose
  4. The Wave – Miike Snow
  5. Origins – Tennis
  6. In the Yard – Bowerbirds
  7. Emmylou – First Aid Kit
  8. Nobody Eats My Dinner – Motive
  9. Anna Sun – Walk the Moon
  10. Crystal Vases – The Last Royals
  11. Eyes Wide Open – Goyte
  12. Give it Away – Andrew Bird
  13. We Got it Wrong – St. Lucia
  14. Shook Down – Yuck
  15. ICBYS – Zambri

Leap Day Rambling

Leap day…it’s pretty cool that this day only comes once every four years…makes it feel special.  It should be declared a holiday (read: no work) and we should all be out doing something we normally never do to celebrate the uniqueness of the day.

Other things that come once every four years –

The Presidential election…I loathe the months leading up to election, with all the political advertisements.  They’re beyond tacky; they’re pathetic.  It seems to get worse with every election…blech!  I don’t take the election of our leader lightly, but I just want it to be over already (and it’s only February…God, help us!).

The Olympics…well back in the day…remember that?  We had to wait four years for any Olympic games at all.  But as I love the summer games much more than winter, I still have to wait four years in between each of them and I’m so excited about this year’s games!

Do people who are born on February 29th celebrate their non-leap year birthdays on March 1?  That kinda blows.  If I was one of them, I think I’d only allow my age to increase on the actual leap days.

“Leap and the net will appear.”   I first read this in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and thought “Whatever!   That is so NOT how it works.”  Of course it actually is…it just depends on your definition of “leap”.  While I can’t remember the exact context in which she used this quote (most often attributed to John Burroughs), I do know the basic point was to take a chance and do whatever it is you’ve dreamed of doing without getting bogged down in logistics.  I, however, took it one step further…in my mind it had to be something big, drastic…something about the word “leap” made me think that whatever step I took in the direction I wanted to go had to be huge…such as quitting my job and hoping that the perfect thing would just fall into my lap (while not even knowing what that perfect thing might be) or some such grandiose event.  (FYI – I did not do this.)  Not that those things don’t happen, but my guess is they most often happen after smaller steps have been taken first.  That’s what I finally realized this saying means to me – a “leap” in the beginning might look like a very small step, but as it leads to another small step and another it will soon lead to a situation where something closer to a leap is needed and by that time, it won’t be so daunting.  The universe will start to take your dreams seriously once you do, so if you just take some kind of action each day in pursuit of your dreams, assistance/guidance will appear from the most unlikely places.  (I’ve read this over and over for years, but more importantly I’ve experienced it personally and know others who have as well.)    So now, for me “Leap and the net will appear” is simply a reminder to “just do it”.

Remember the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie tried to do “a catch”…from a trapeze with a huge net underneath?  I really want to try that someday!  It looks a bit terrifying but mainly exhilarating.

Leap Frog – remember this game?!  The original, not the educational children’s toy line, but the game where you have to jump over someone else…I’m not sure I could do that anymore without pulling a muscle…might have to find out.  (The dude in the photo is not making it easy!)

Frogger – Oh, how I miss the arcade game Frogger (and Centipede)!  Many Sundays after church we’d wind up at Pizza Hut where both of these games lived and oh how hard it was to tear myself away from them even for a slice!  I wish it was still that easy to derail my eating…

“…Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”  Man oh man, how I loved Superman 1 & 2!  Any time I see either on some random cable channel, I absolutely have to watch!  Christopher Reeve will always be Superman to me.

Well, that’s what’s rolls around in my head when I think of the word “leap”…

Happy Leap Day!  Do something out of the ordinary today.

Music Mix Monday 2/27/2012

I’ve purposely taken some time away from blogging (sometimes one just needs to hibernate in winter)…but as March creeps upon us, and close behind it, spring, I’m beginning to feel a bit more like coming out to play.  Even when I don’t create an MMM list, I’m constantly checking out new tunes, and there’s a lot of good stuff out right now.

I noticed that one of my recent favs (since Christmastime) – Goyte’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” has made its way into iTunes top 10 singles…I love it when mainstream comes around.

Happy Monday!

  1. From Now On – Features
  2. I’m His Girl – Friends
  3. Kicking – Torche
  4. No Love – Hooray For Earth
  5. All Waters – Perfume Genius
  6. Give Out – Sharon Van Etten
  7. Hey Jane – Spiritualized
  8. Lions in Cages – Wolf Gang
  9. You Know You Like It – AlunaGeorge
  10. Darlin’ – Josh Riter
  11. The Future – Limousines
  12. Disparate Youth – Santigold
  13. Climax – Usher (seriously…not what you expect, nice departure from the norm)
  14. Sunshine in Chicago – Sun Kil Moon
  15. Comeback Kid – Sleigh Bells